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Jharkhand Economic Survey 2011-12
Jharkhand Economic Survey 2011-12
The State covers 79.70 lakh ha. area (2.42% of the geographical area of the country) with a population of 329.66 millions (as per provisional Census 2011), the state accounts for 2.72% of the total population of the country. GSDP at factor cost (at constant 2004-2005 prices) is expected to increase by 49.91% from 2004-05 to 2011-12 (Pr.) and has been growing at an average annual rate of about 5.95% for the past seven years. The state has experienced a steady rise in the per capita GSDP over the years at an average annual rate of 4.43%, which is definitely a positive but not satisfactory performance for the state. The Primary sector GSDP is expected to increase by 55.62% since 2004-05. The Secondary sector has grown by 13.66% since 2004-05 whereas the Tertiary sector is expected to grow by about 90.82% during the period from 2004-05 to 2011-12.